Guam USA    Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)     Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

2020 Live Online

WERI Advisory Council Meetings
American Water Works Association

October 20, 22, 27, and 29 | 9AM CHST

The 2020 Advisory Council Meetings will be online – 
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Hosted by Global Learning & Engagement (GLE) office (formerly PIP), call Ms. Amanda Blas – (671) 735-2600/1
For more information, interested in attending the meetings, please call Mr. Anthony Agustin – (671) 735-2685.

WERI hosts the annual Advisory Council Meetings for the Western Pacific: Guam, FSM, and CNMI.  WERI reaches out to water and environmental stakeholders in government agencies, military, and private sectors, as well as anyone who is interested in WERI’s scientific research information. WERI presents its mission and vision, current status, project update, and recently accomplished research work. We provide professional perspectives and scientific information to questions concerning water resources, water quality, climatology, groundwater modeling, and information access/transfer. We also solicit research interests and concerns. AWWA and WERI looks forward to providing training and outreach with FSM and CNMI. And AWWA is all about business in Session 1. 

Sessions and Agenda

October 20th, Session 1: Guam Advisory Council, Part 1

09:00 Welcoming Remarks, Introductions
09:10 WERI Overview: 
Dr. Jenson, WERI Director

09:30 WERI Services

 – Guam CWMP | Jenson, Hoffman
 – Guam Hydrologic Survey | Habana, Jenson
 – GHS Website | Aguilar, Habana
 – WERI Water Quality Lab Expansion | Kim, Cruz
 – Nitrates baseline in the NGLA | Bulaklak, Habana
 – Business Model | Jones

10:30 Break

10:40 Aquifer Recharge 

 – 70 Years of Temperature, Rainfall and Wind | Lander
 – Surface Hydrology of the NGLA | Heitz and Habana

11:00 Roundtable Discussions

11:30 AWWA Business Session

 – Election of Officers

October 22th, Session 2: CNMI Advisory Council, Part 1

09:00 Welcoming Remarks, Introductions
09:10 WERI Overview:
Dr. Jenson, WERI Director

09:20 Climate Records

One-Stop Climate Data Repository for Saipan | Lander

09:50 Training and Outreach 


11:10 Roundtable Discussions

October 27th, Session 3: FSM Advisory Council

09:00 Welcoming Remarks, Introductions
09:10 WERI Overview:
Dr. Jenson, WERI Director

09:20 Research and Resources for Education and Training

 – Lessons learned in 20 years of field measurements in Pohnpei and Kosrae | Lander
 – Digital Atlases of FSM | Taboroši

09:50 Training and Outreach


11:10 Roundtable Discussions

October 29th, Session 4: Guam Advisory Council, Part 2

09:00 Welcoming Remarks, Introductions
09:10 WERI Overview: Dr. Jenson, WERI Director

09:30 Groundwater Quality and Aquifer Protection

 – Nitrate Analysis Update | Bulaklak, Habana
 – Potentially Impacted PFAS Sites | Duenas, Kim
 – Analysis of Patterns and Trends of Salinity | Omelau, Wen
 – Groundwater Protection Zones | Chargualaf, Wen

10:10 Aquifer Basin Analysis and Modeling 

 – Hydrological Features in Finegayan | Wen
 – Model of Yigo-Tumon Basin | Aguilo, Habana
 – Break
 – Groundwater Discharge | Yeo
 – Stormwater Management Modeling | Yeo
 – Geotechnical Characteristics of Guam Soils | Patil

11:00 Roundtable Discussions

11:30 Closing

 – Joseph D. Rouse Scholarship | Jenson
 – Closing Remarks