Environmental Science Program


To prepare students for...

  • Professional employment 
  • Advanced studies (Ph.D.)


  • Directly address pressing local environmental needs 
  • Promote needed educational and service projects in the Western Pacific island communities 
  • Equip graduates with the knowledge and skills needed for sound scientific inquiry and professional practice 
  • Ingrain a solid understanding and commitment to academic ethics 


Institutional & Personal

Commitment to...

  • the search for objective truth 
  • objective and honest scientific debate 
  • excellence in all endeavors 

Integrity to...

  • not compromise research or other work in response to political, ideological, social, or financial pressures 
  • share data and cooperate with others in attempts to advance scientific understanding and replication or verify the quality of previous work 



Students enter the program with adequate:

  1. Preparation in the basic sciences: math, physics, and chemistry. 
  2. Scientific communication skills, or the ability to acquire them by the time they complete the program (i.e., writing and speaking). 

The Program

  1. Contains sufficient breadth and depth in the defining disciplines: 
    • Biology-Ecology 
    • Geosciences-Engineering 
    • Economics-Management-Law 
  2. Equips students with the skills for rigorous, quantitative research and applications of environmental science.
    • Statistical methods 
    • Environmental assessments 
  3. Coursework is rigorous and challenging. 
    • Minimum full-time load: 9 hours/semester 
      • Full-time students finish in 2 years 


Admission: Required & Recommended Pre-Requisites

  • Methods: Statistics and geographic information systems (upper level, i.e., 300-400 level)
  • Math: Calculus I is required; Calculus II is recommended for all and may be required in specific cases at the discretion of the thesis advisor/project supervisor based upon the nature of the research
  • Physics: 2 semesters general physics with lab
  • Chemistry: 2 semesters general chemistry with lab
  • Biology: 1 semester biological/life science with lab
  • Physics: course general physics with lab
  • Chemistry: 2 semesters inorganic with lab, 2 semesters organic with lab
  • Biology: 2 semesters of general biology with lab
  • Physics: 3-credit course general physics with lab
  • Chemistry: 3-credit course general chemistry with lab
  • Biology: 3-credit course biological/life science with lab
  • Economics & Business: 3-credit course microeconomics
  • Intro to business or public administration: 3-credit course

Program Content & Structure


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Core Courses



Romina King, Ph.D.
Program Chair 
(671) 735-2874