Water Quality Laboratory

The Water Quality Laboratory supports WERI water quality research projects and operates as a semi-commercial laboratory that offers water quality testing.  Testing services are categorized into three sections: microbiological, chemical, and physical tests. The microbiological section tests for the presence and quantitation of total coliforms, E. coli, enterococci, and heterotrophic bacteria. Equipment include, 2 incubators, a water bath, autoclave, IDEXX QuantiTray sealer, and a UV light cabinet. The chemical testing section tests for metals (10) and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus species).  Equipment 3 atomic absorption spectrophotometers, 2 digestion blocks, and a flow injection analyzer. Basic physical tests include pH, chlorine (free and total), conductivity, salinity, solids (total, dissolved, suspended), and turbidity.  Equipment available for these tests are 4 balances (2 analytical and 2 top loader),  2 chlorine meters, 2 ovens, 2 pH/conductivity meters, 2 refractometers, and a turbidimeter. Other equipment regularly used are ultrapure water systems, refrigerators, freezer, lyophilizer, accelerated solvent extractor, solvent evaporator, refrigerated centrifuge, and a gas chromatograph with an ECD detector. Laboratory staff includes a laboratory manager, a chemist, a lab technician, and 2 lab assistants. 

Service Listing

   Laboratory Service Listing
  Analytical ServicesUnitPrice
  Colilert by PAper test$43
  Colilert by Quantitray (MPN)per test$55
  Enterolert by PAper test$43
  Enterolert by Quantitray (MPN)per test$55
  Heterotrophic Plate Count/HPC (SimPlate MPN)per test$55
  Chlorine (Free)per sample$10
  Chlorine (Total)per sample$10
  Chlorideper sample$36
  Conductanceper sample$10
  Hardnessper sample$68
  Nitrogen (N):--
  Ammonia-Nper sample$56
  Nitrite-Nper sample$56
  NOx-Nper sample$56
  Total-Nper sample$83
  pHper sample$15
  Phosphorous (P):--
  Total-P (Hydrolyzable)per sample$83
  Total-P (Dissolved)per sample$83
  Ortho-P (Reactive)per sample$56
  by Flame AAS (ex: Ag,Ca,Cd,Cu,Fe,Mn,Mg,Zn)per metal per sample$34
    by Furnace AAS (Pb)
per sample$52
  Salinity (Refract/Salinity Meter)per sample$10
  Totalper sample$34
  Suspendedper sample$34
  Dissolvedper sample$34
  Turbidityper sample$13
  Site Sampling / Extended Hours Feeper hour$72
  Deionized (DI) Waterper gallon$10
  Expedited Service Times/Final Analysis Report:
  Rush5 working days
2 x fee
  Urgent3 working days
3 x fee
  Approved by the University of Guam Board of Regents, Resolution No. 08-44, December 18, 2008.
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