Water Resources Management and GIS

GIS Program

Geospatial technologies such as geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing can be applied to solve water resources and environmental issues effectively. GIS and related technologies are an efficient tool for watershed management, water distribution, environmental modeling and analysis, modeling and analysis of water quality and quantity, land cover change detection, natural resources management, climate change, hydrological modeling, soil erosion modeling, applications of LiDAR and hyperspectral/high resolution satellite data, etc. 

For further information on the GIS projects currently underway, please contact Dr. Yuming Wen at ywen@triton.uog.edu or +1 (671) 735-2687. 

Digital Watershed Atlas

Land Cover Change Detection

Environmental Modeling

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Water Quality Data

Note: White sectors stand for no samples collected for the well, gray for non-detectable values, and blue for actual values analyzed from samples. Left: Well D-5, and right: Well D-15.