2019 Graduates: Master of Science in Environmental Science

WERI is proud to announce four new brilliant Masters of Environmental Science Graduates of 2019: Ms. Jennifer O. Cruz, Ms. Bekah Dougher, Ms. Lyuqin Liu, and Mr. Daniel G. Superales. These outstanding graduates are the product of the University of Guam’s Graduate Studies Program, Master of Science in Environmental Science who each produced WERI Master’s Thesis Projects. 

Ms. Jennifer O. Cruz
Graduated May 2019
Committee: Denton, Biggs, Donaldson, and Jenson

Ms. Bekah Dougher
Graduated May 2019
Presidential Thesis Award
Committee: Habana, Jenson, Lander, and Ho

Ms. Lyuqin Liu
Graduated December 2019
Committee: Kim, Rouse, Jenson, and Wu

Mr. Daniel G. Superales
Graduated December 2019
Committee: Habana, Jenson, and Gingerich

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