WERI Water Resources Forum 2022

WERI Water Resources Forum 2022

November 10, 2022 · 9:30AM to 2:30PM ·
Virtual / In-Person at WERI Conference Room (tentative location)

WERI Water Resource Forum 2022 will be held at WERI’ conference room Location may change depending on size of attendance. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. This forum is a showcase of our new interactive online products – WERI Web MAppFx (bring your laptop), and specials – the State of the Climate (Western Pacific), WERI’s new Geologist (Blaž Miklavič), and more. This event will also be held virtually for those unable to physically attend.

If you have any interest in attending the forum, please contact Jayvee Cacal at cacalj@triton.uog.edu or (671) 735-2685.

WERI reaches out to water and environmental stakeholders in government agencies, military, and private sectors, as well as anyone who is interested in WERI’s scientific research information. WERI presents its mission and vision, current status, project update, and recently accomplished research work. We provide professional perspectives and scientific information to questions concerning water resources, water quality, climatology, groundwater modeling, and information access/transfer. We also solicit research interests and concerns.


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