2019 WERI Advisory Council Meeting

Guam USA · Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) · Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

2019 WERI Advisory Council Meeting

Guam Water Resources Research

Thursday, November 7 at 8:30 AM · Dusit Thani Guam Resort

Each year WERI hosts the Guam Water Resources Research Advisory Council Meeting for water and environmental stakeholders in government agencies, military, and private sectors, as well as anyone who is interested in WERI’s research information. WERI presents an overview of its mission and vision, current status, project update, and recently accomplished research work. We provide professional scientific answers to questions concerning geology, water resources, water quality, climatology, groundwater, and information access/transfer. We also solicit research interests and concerns. 

If you would like more information on this year’s GACM, call Mr. Anthony Agustin at 671-735-2686 or email

Session Agenda

08:30 / Coffee, juice, pastries 

09:00 / Welcoming remarks, introductions 

09:10 / WERI overview: Dr. Jenson, WERI Director 

09:30 / Briefings on current and completed research activities (5-10 minutes each): 

    • Aquifer Sustainable Yield: Superales, Habana 
    • Coastal Discharge Survey: Walker, Villareal, King, Jenson 
    • Lens Response to Recharge: Dougher, Habana 
    • Modeling Yigo-Tumon Basin: Aguilo, Habana 
    • Nitrates Baseline in the NGLA: Bulaklak, Habana 
    • Wastewater Treatment with Seawater: Liu, Kim 

10:15 / Break 

    • PFOS in the NGLA: Duenas, Kim
    • GIS Analysis of Groundwater Salinity Patterns: Wen 
    • Fena Reservoir Sedimentation Hazard: Patil, Jenson 
    • Santa Rita Spring Rehabilitation: Bourke, Jenson 
    • Guam Water Kids Outreach Program: Bautista, Jenson  
    • 2020 WERI Aquifer Tours and Workshops: Kim, Jenson, Habana 

11:30 / Roundtable Discussions: Current Guam water resources issues, critical water resource research, education and training 

12:00 / Lunch Buffet, Presentations and Discussions 

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