WERI at the Guam Forest Plan Summit

On June 20, 2024, experts and stakeholders convened for the Guam Forest Plan Summit to discuss critical issues surrounding Guam’s forest system. The event featured various topics in watershed management, terrestrial conservation, public access to forest systems, green infrastructures, and green economy. 

WERI director, Dr. Yuming Wen, and WERI faculty, Dr. Nathan Habana, were panelists on the session for watershed management. 

Dr. Wen introduced WERI as a research institution, highlighted some of the ongoing projects by WERI faculty and research assistants, and discussed how WERI works with local agencies, such as GWA and GEPA, and maintains solid partnerships.

Dr. Habana highlighted the Guam Hydrologic Survey website as the premiere online destination for pertinent hydrologic information. He also showcased some of the mapping projects he has completed and are available on the GHS website, such as the map for the surface hydrology of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer. 

The summit opened the doors for collaboration among local organizations and agencies to conduct research, implement sustainable practices, and address prevailing issues to support the health of Guam’s forest systems. 

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